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A sad note


 Ed Honeywell has passed away. A great guitar player/teacher/supporter he was, most of all,  a wonderful person.
The most recent edition of  Local 180 Musician's eHarp newsletter contained the following article by Roddy Ellias (shared with his permission).
After about two weeks of warm temperatures and
sunny skies, the weather man decided to lower the
thermostat a bit and to cloud over the sky a little,
just to remind us all that things can turn a little chilly anytime
in the valley. But not so with the human spirit that
set out to pay tribute to a beloved colleague and friend.
On Saturday, May 5th, about 250 close friends, family and
colleagues got together in Tabaret Hall, at the University
of Ottawa, to present a tribute concert for Ed Honeywell.
It was truly an amazing event in many ways.
First of all, so many people were sincerely eager to contribute
in any way they could. Former students and colleagues
from Ottawa, Gatineau, the United States and
Spain poured their hearts and souls into their performances
for Ed. In no particular order, the performers in
the first half of the concert were Evelyn Greenberg, Louis
Trepanier, Andrew Mah, Robert Cram, Patrick Roux (who
dedicated a new piece to Ed and presented him with the
published score,) Garry Elliott, Francois Fowler, who flew
up from the US, Julien Bisaillon, Bruno Roussel, Catherine
Donkin, Julian Armour and Roddy Ellias.
The second half of the concert featured a surprise and
very special guest artist, the great (and I do mean great)
David Russell. David and Maria Russell flew over from
Spain just to perform and show their respect and admiration
for their friend Ed Honeywell.
The Musicians’ Union and members Gary Morton, Marlene
Morton, Joe Turner, Sylvie Duchesneau, Jane Logan,
Robert Langley and especially Robin Moir and Francine
Schutzman were giving and helpful beyond words. And
Louis Trepanier, Hali Krawchuck and the Department of
Music at the University of Ottawa and Zak Pleet from the
Ottawa Guitar Society were equally helpful and gracious.
The event was a total team effort and could not have been
done without the help and contribution of those mentioned
above, as well as the Soloway Wright Law Firm, Andy Bilingsley,
Christina Honeywell-Dobbin, Charlie Honeywell,
Ed’s wife Saide and of course, Ed himself.
But why all this outpouring of love and respect? Well, in
addition to being a first rate classical guitarist, and actually
a pioneer of the instrument, not only in the Ottawa
area but in the rest of Canada, a wonderful teacher who
has produced many fine students, including Sylvie Proulx
and Francois Fowler, a supporter of musical events and
the arts in general (both financially and otherwise), and
an award winning lawyer, Ed Honeywell is a wonderful
human being, husband, and father of two terrific people.
And that’s what puts it over the top. That’s what it’s all
By the way, Ed just turned 69 on August 22nd. Happy
Birthday, Ed and thank you for all you’ve done and for
being you!