As of May 19th, welcome!!!!!


used G & L Tele

This beauty is in excellent condition, comes with the original hardshell case & the G & L Certificate of Authenticity.

What would you like this Fall?

Many times we've been asked if we would do workshops on various topics such as restringing a guitar, basic guitar maintenance, what to look for in ...

Solid Mahogany

This beauty from Seagull has just arrived.

Seagull Excursion Series

Available in parlour, folk & dreadnaught sizes, these wild cherry laminate guitars are  perfect for beginner's. They are also very affordable ...

Occasional Guitar TLC

Guitars do need adjustments from time to time. If you find that it's really hard to press the strings to the fingerboard or if the strings are buzz...

Treat yourself to guitar lessons

 We can help you:   Learn to read music Improve your ear Try a new style Get past the first few bars

Happy Easter

We have lot's of shaker eggs and if you're looking for something completely unique we just received these beautiful rocks from The Laughing Crow. ...

Godin Icon just in!

  It's absolutely stunning, sounds awesome and plays as well as it looks!

2 Cool Products

The iM2 from TASCAM turns your iPhone 4 into a wonderful recording device.  The iSPOT Combo Pack provides everything you need to power up to 8...

New Tune!

   Check out this tune from our friend Laurie Sweig. All proceeds go to Tabitha Canada. Any guesses on who the harmony singer is?  https://itunes...

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!


Last minute Christmas ideas....